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New to Pilates?mat pilates victoria bc

Outlined are some different options – let’s find what is right for you!

Pilates is the fastest growing form of exercise in North America, with excellent results in fitness and rehabilitation.

Its many benefits include:

  • Improving core strength and spinal stability
  • Improving posture and body awareness
  • Muscle balancing and strengthening
  • Reduction of pain, stress and tension
  • Injury prevention
  • Increases balance and coordination

OptiPilates ball class Victoria BCon 1: Foundations Class

Beginners Pilates class– Offers an introduction to STOTT Pilates basic principles and essential exercises to establish core strength and stability, body awareness, improve muscle tone, posture and alignment.

Class types:

Mat Foundations
Combo Foundations (reformer and mat)
These classes are offered at variable times dependent upon demand and studio availability
Please contact the studio coordinator for available times.
Registration is for a 6-8 week period.


Mat Pilates : $20/class for 1x week , $19/class for 2x week
Combo Pilates: $26/class for 1x week, $23.50/class for 2x week

Please refer to our studio policies for information regarding absences in a session. Policies are flexible.

**If you have injuries or specific goals/needs, a private instruction for initial training is highly recommended to get the most out of your experience in a safe and controlled environment *

Option 2: Welcome Packageimages (4)

Reduced cost of 3 or 4, 55 Minute-long private Pilates training
Learn the foundations and principles of Pilates one-on-one
You will have a thorough assessment and private instruction to guide the Pilates program to your specific goals/needs. All equipment training is available (i.e.: reformer, chair, cadillac).
These sessions can be booked at your convenience.

After completing the welcome package the instructor and coordinator will help transition you into an appropriate class if you choose, or you can continue with private sessions.

Cost for 3 private sessions $210 (savings $30)
Cost for 4 private sessions – extended Welcome $280 (savings $40)

*This package expires 1 yr. from purchase date

Option 3: Clinical Pilates Program

If you are under the care of one of our physiotherapists you may be eligible to have your Pilates covered under your extended health care plan.

Clinical Pilates is a goal-directed rehabilitation program outlined and overseen by one of our physiotherapists and carried out by our clinical Pilates instructors working as physiotherapy assistants. These instructors have specific training and experience to work with injuries and rehabilitation, and are fully insured members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association as Physiotherapy Assistants.

The cost for a 55 Minute session is $90, and is HST exempt. Receipts will be issued through Shelbourne Physiotherapy with the supervising physiotherapist as the provider.

Steps to qualify:
1. You must be assessed by a Physiotherapist at Shelbourne Physiotherapy clinic
2. You must have a Dr.s note recommending “Physiotherapy Core Exercise Rehab” with a diagnosis
(We can send a referral request to your Dr. if you have seen them recently)

Please contact the studio coordinator at any time to discuss these options and find the right choice for you!

Contact Information

If you are interested in our Pilates, Yoga, or Kinesiology/Exercise Rehabilitation please contact our studio coordinator by telephone or email any time.

250-598-9828 ext 2

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