Class Descriptions

Pilates Classes

Reformer / Combo Pilates

Reformer classes are designed to improve muscle tone through resistance, strengthen the core and provide an invigorating total body workout. The reformer allows the participant to isolate muscles and mobilize joints with minimal strain and joint compression. An assortment of props and variety of exercises are offered by our instructors to add further challenge and broadening of the Pilates experience.

Combo classes are 1/2 Reformer and/or 1/2 Mat or 1/2 Reformer and/or 1/2 Stability chair.

Mat Pilates

Mat classes are designed to help develop leaner, longer muscles while establishing core strength and stability. Props are incorporated to add variety and challenge throughout the session. Instructors will guide you through a range of strengthening and core stimulating exercises focusing on coordination, posture and balance.


Foundations (beginner) through to Level 3 (advanced)

Victoria Pilates Studio