As per the December 9th, 2020 BC Provincial Health Order update here is our safety plan for return to small group clinical  pilates low intensity exercise at Shelbourne Physiotherapy:

1. All group classes are 5 people maximum pre-registered and spaced 2.6 metres apart as per government guidelines.

2. As the clinic is a public space, all clients/participants  and staff are expected to arrive and participate in masks. Please stand behind the protective shields when dealing with reception staff.

3. A mandatory COVID screen sent to each client by email  must be completed before participation in class is allowed. If it is not completed by the night before, reception will contact clients as a reminder. Also, please provide any billing/payment information required by reception staff prior to attending the clinic to minimize  interaction at the front desk.

4. Clients are expected to arrive and wait in the upstairs common area not more than 5 minutes before class. If they arrive early, they are expected to wait in their vehicles until a few minutes before class.

5. The instructor will invite the participants into class once he/she has ushered  the previous class out of the studio. Hand sanitizer is used upon entry and exit from the studio.

6. Each participant will leave their footwear at the door in assigned locations, sanitise their hands upon entry, and put whatever valuables/personal items in the plastic bins at their reformer before taking their spot on their reformer. Masks stay on. Classes are 50 minutes in length with enough time at the end to allow for proper cleaning and drying time before the next class. Appropriate disinfectant is provided at each mat/reformer to disinfect all items/surfaces used in the class.

7. When the class is completed, the instructor will instruct the participants on items to be cleaned and monitor the disinfection process. He/she will then orchestrate the exit from the studio space before ushering the next group in.

8. If clients need to communicate with reception, they are encouraged to communicate via telephone or email. If they prefer to communicate in person, they are to return to the common area and enter the reception area once prompted by reception staff.

9. A HEPA air filter with UVC light is in operation and /or windows opened during your class. HVAC is always in operation.

These procedures are subject to change/be modified pending any change in Provincial Health Office Guidelines.

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