Our Team

Our Victoria Pilates Instructors and Rehabilitation Coordinators


Kimberley Holmes

Pilates & Rehabilitation Coordinator

Kimberley Holmes was raised on the Southern Gulf Islands off the west coast of BC. Growing up in a small town sparked her passion for environmental awareness and led her on a path to a career in sustainable living. Explorer of the all things outdoors, she spends her spare time cooking, crafting, and learning. Kim developed her love for Pilates and yoga in her early teens finding benefits in both the body and mind. She continues to educate herself daily, soaking up new knowledge whenever it is given.


Meghan Trompetter

Pilates & Rehabilitation Coordinator

Meghan Trompetter was born by the sea in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Inspired by the natural beauty around her, it was inevitable the healing ways of forests and mountains moved her into a career of Holistic Health. A dedicated yogi, Kombucha brewer, plant-based enthusiast and born world traveller, Meghan can tell you a thing or two about keeping balanced. Graduating with a diploma in Natural Nutrition, Meghan can be found writing and inspiring the holistic lifestyle she lives through her Health and Wellness blog.

Since graduating in 2016 as a Yoga Alliance 200hr certified yoga instructor, Meghan can be found teaching our Gentle Flow Yoga classes. Join her for a full body movement class focusing on breath and alignment – guaranteed with a laugh or two.


To contact Meghan and Kimberley please call the studio at 250-598-9828 ext 2 or drop by to say hello!



Chris Csak

Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma

Certified Fitness Consultant & Personal Trainer


Chris has been In the Health and Fitness Industry for 20 years and has been teaching Pilates for 10. He has worked with a wide variety of individuals with varying goals and limitations both in Canada and abroad. He believes that by enhancing physical function an individual betters their physiological process and overall health. Having recently moved to Victoria, Chris is very excited to share his knowledge and experience with his new Community.


Rhiannon King

Certified Pilates Reformer, Mat Instructor

Rhiannon has dedicated herself to the pursuit of mindful movement since her early teens. Inspired by her mother’s journey to maintain health and mobility Rhiannon has trained in multiple modalities. She strongly believes in the power of moment therapy and in the bodies innate ability to heal itself. Through her experience with yoga, Pilates and Eccentrics, Rhiannon endeavours to find the right movement for the each individual body. Her passion for vitality and pain free living is not limited to the flesh and bones of the body but for the person as a whole. She is constantly evolving and draws her teaching from a continuous drive to learn and close work with very experienced mentors.




Holly Newton

Pilates Instructor Holly NewtonCertified Pilates Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Reformer, Mat, Chair Instructor

Physiotherapy Assistant

Holly has been part of the fitness industry since her teens, first catching interest in providing
Personal Training and group fitness classes. Her passion grew and she expanded her roots into
yoga, where she completed her teacher training in Bali, Indonesia.
Yoga led to the discovery and love of Pilates, where she trained and certified in Victoria, BC.
Reformer Pilates and Total Barre came as a natural progression of modalities she added to her
Holly’s passion for anatomy, alignment and dynamic movement are expressed in her classes
where participants feel safe yet challenged.
she has a contagious zest for life, and is excited to share her knowledge, passion and purpose!


Sharon McAuley

Stott Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer

Physiotherapy Assistant

Sharon McAuley is a Stott Pilates Certified mat work and reformer instructor. Sharon has been working in the fitness industry for over twenty years. In addition to teaching Pilates she is a Certified Personal Trainer, Mind Body Specialist and Nutritional Wellness Specialist (Can Fit Pro). Sharon McAuley is also a Certified BCRPA (British Columbia Parks & Recreation Association) registered fitness leader with specialties in Pilates, yoga, group fitness, weight training, third age and aquatic fitness. As a graduate of Recreation Facilitation for Older Adults, Sharon’s passion is to help older adults maintain a happy healthy active lifestyle. Sharon teaches fitness and rehabilitation classes as well as clinical Pilates and private fitness training.

Dana Carterdana-carter-bio-image (2)


Certified Pilates Mat, Reformer, Barre and Chair Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Zenga Instructor

Physiotherapy Assistant

 Dana Carter started her career by falling in love with Yoga and practicing regularly for the last 18 years. She discovered Pilates after moving from her hometown of Barrie, Ontario to Victoria, BC. Once she discovered Pilates and felt its benefits she was immediately hooked!

Her passion led her to pursue a career as a teacher and eventually a teacher trainer in both Pilates and Yoga. She is dedicated to continuously expanding and refining her skills as both a practitioner and teacher.

Her love of learning has led her to study human anatomy, Pilates mat, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Chair, Zenga, Barre, weight and personal training.

Dana is currently the head teacher of Pilates Mat level 2, Pilates Reformer and a 200 hour Yoga teacher training as well as being on the faculty in other trainings.

In Dana’s classes, you can expect creative, safe and effective sequencing of exercises provided in a progressive way to encourage you to grow in your practice. Dana’s playful personality and passion for Yoga and Pilates are infectious. She meets you where you are now and inspires you to explore your full potential.

When she is not on the mat you can find Dana writing, making jewellery, with her nose buried in a book and spending time with her family.

Regina Flueck

Certified Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and ISP Instructor 

Certified Somatic Exercise Coach

Regina began Pilates to improve her posture, body awareness and health 6 years ago. After graduating from the Hotel and Restaurant Management School of Thun, Switzerland in 2007 her working days were mostly spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer leading to increased tension in the neck and shoulder area. Pilates helped her to manage and reduce pain by improving posture and strengthening her core and local stabilizing muscles of the shoulders.

In 2012 she moved to Perth, Western Australia where she decided to change her career to become a Stott Certified Pilates Instructor, finishing her complete training of Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels and ISP in August 2014.  Through her own experience with back pain she is passionate about helping her clients to overcome restrictions in movement and improve their quality of life. She focuses on promoting functional movement patterns and dynamic stability for everyday activities tailored to each client’s personal needs.

Regina moved to Victoria to be with the love of her life in March 2016. Through a friend she discovered Hanna Somatics and realised that this was the missing link to alleviating chronic pain. She became a Certified Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach in November 2016.  

Regina is also a certified Total and Booty Barre Instructor and likes incorporating some Barre elements into her Pilates repertoire.

Outside of the world of Pilates she enjoys traveling, art, culture, languages and many outdoor activities like rock climbing and snowboarding.

Heidi Nottelman

Practising Kinesiologist

Medical Exercise Specialist

Certified Exercise Physiologist

Physiotherapy Assistant

Functional Movement Systems Certified

Heidi brings 12 years experience in the rehabilitation industry, with expertise in the area of functional rehabilitative exercise to assist clients to return to daily activities, work, or sport in a safe manner. She brings experience in occupational rehabilitation with WCB clients, and has taught a variety of back health and wellness work site courses as well as academic courses at the college level. Heidi will work to design a customized program that is unique to her clients specific needs and personal goals. She is continually upgrading her education to incorporate new research in exercise assessment and prescription. Heidi will work closely with physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, physiatrists, medical doctors, and occupational therapists to fully achieve her clients and conjoining therapists’ goals. She has worked with adolescents to seniors, and clients with varying disabilities (including downs syndrome, brain injury, CP, MS, vertigo/balance) as well as clients with various post-operative recovery treatment programs. Heidi has completed the Functional Movement Screening training. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS), developed by Physical Therapist Gray Cook, is a systematic approach to assessing overall body mechanics. During the FMS, Kinesiologists will  assess seven specific movement patterns that are necessary in order to perform efficient human movement. The movements are able to expose our weaknesses and imbalances. Even at basic levels of movement significant compensations can exist.

Kinesiologist Victoria BC

Heidi Nottelman in action

Heidi says… “My goal is for clients to develop an exercise based health management strategy that will keep them not only functionally and physically strong but emotionally and mentally strong; to give them confidence in being committed to a healthy exercise habit that is both preventative and proactive. Whether they come to see me for an exercise program to lose weight or because they have been in a motor vehicle accident, I want my clients to feel internally motivated that they can make a difference when they are committed to an exercise program.”

Heidi strives to positively educate, encourage and empower her clients and aims to provide the necessary tools to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Kinesiology Victoria BCHeidi Nottelman is proud to be one of the select few Kinesiologists in Victoria who is an active member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK).


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