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What Our Clients Say

Being a devout Pilates client I wish to thank the teachers who have helped me develop the strength in my left knee which due to injury suffered a complete tear of the ACL. Three years later when I finally saw a specialist he did not believe the MRI report that I have a severed ACL..Thanks to Pilates even the specialists are fooled.

Shelbourne Pilates Studio
Victoria, B.C.

– Penelope S

I have been attending both Mat and Reformer classes at Shelbourne Physio and Pilates for over a year now, and have always found the studio to be bright, clean, airy and well maintained. The support staff are very helpful and cheery. The Pilates Instructors are professional and highly competent and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending this facility to anyone interested in beginning or improving their Pilates practice.

Aengus MacIntosh
Daesyn Consulting Group Inc.

I started Pilates Classes at Shelbourne Physio and Pilates in October of 2010 to help me deal with chronic pain due to pelvic instability. This threatened many activities; I was unable to swing a golf club without pain, and my favourite hobby, running, was in jeopardy. I noticed an improvement after a few months, and today I am virtually pain free. My instructor Karen always makes classes interesting, varied, and fun. She attends carefully to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. My core stability has helped me become a better runner with a more efficient gait. And now that I can get back on the course, I am hoping for a better golf swing, too! I also have a great time with amazing, positive people twice a week!

Shelbourne Pilates Studio
Victoria, B.C.

– Pamela Stevenson

Heidi really made an effort to understand my specific injuries and concerns.  She is a natural problem-solver and continually endeavoured to create challenging exercise programs for me to complete at home that were tailored to my specific needs.  She focused on both back to work activities and exercises that were dedicated to getting me back into my recreational interests.

Throughout my time at the clinic I was treated with respect and professionalism by both the front end staff and instructors at the studio. I am completely satisfied with my experience at the Shelbourne Physiotherapy studio and would highly recommend these programs to anyone looking to rehabilitate injuries or improve overall health.

Shelbourne Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Studio
Victoria, British Columbia

– Trent Van Helvoirt

I have been attending aqua-therapy rehab. classes at Gordon Head since 2003 having had major back surgery in 2002. These classes have been part of a success story (according to my medical professionals – an amazing outcome) in keeping me upright, walking and able to live an almost normal self sufficient lifestyle.

Over those years I have had at least 6 instructors in the pool. Anne- Marie started working with our group (shallow and deep water exercises) last summer and I say without reservation she is excellent.

In summary she has shown

         professional knowledge

         good communication skills

         friendly demeanour

         respect and understanding for each participant

         nice selection and change to the program to maintain interest

I think we all enjoy each class and we are all so much better for her efforts.

I recommend her services without reserve and thank her for helping all of us live improved lives.

Betty S-S (age 77)
Gordon Head Recreation Centre Clinic
February 1, 2013

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for Anna Marie De Zwager. She is a professional and talented trainer, and we are fortunate to have her lead our water rehab. program. Each lesson brings new challenges, but she supports us as she leads us through. I personally have benefited from this program, as I have had two sets of hip replacements over the years. Anna Marie offers such a variety of water exercises that one always tries that much harder and comes away feeling that much better.

Most Sincerely

June B.
Shelbourne Physiotherapy Gordon Head Recreation Centre Clinic
Victoria, British Columbia February 2013


This is my Testimonial about Anna-Marie de Zwager’s guidance with Rehab Pool Exercises

I wish to acknowledge the PERFECT instructor that we have been fortunate to have with the

rehab swimming group every Mon. Wed. & Fri. mornings at Gordon Head Rec. Centre.

I have been a member of this group for 5 years and of all the pleasant people we have had helping us

Anna-Marie is without question the most excellent. Something new every day instead of a repetitive

program which sometimes becomes boring, helps each of us to understand our individual needs’

I feel absolutely sure she puts tremendous time and thought into her preparations for this class.

Proof of my opinions;

1. I forget to look at the clock to see what time it is

2. Certain exercises she has shown us are helping my asthmatic breathing.

3. Most pleasant attitude and patience in dealing with older people

Respectfully Submitted Rosemary D.
Shelbourne Physiotherapy Gordon Head Recreation Centre Clinic
February 2013

We are pleased to tell you just how much we appreciated taking part in a rehab program under the direction of Anna-Marie Zwager. My wife and I (who are 79 and 80) have had a hip replacement and other orthopedic and neurosurgeries. The exercises are very important to us.

We started the rehab classes in 2003 and since then have had various leaders. We have no hesitation is stating that the direction of Anna-Marie is the most effective program we have ever participated in. This is the first time that we can say that every minute of the one hour session is fully utilized and that almost every muscle in our bodies is fully exercised.

We note that Anna-Marie is fully aware of the operations all of us have had or are contemplating and takes that information into consideration during the exercises. We would not hesitate to recommend these classes to anyone, particularly those who are pre or post op.


– Shelbourne Physiotherapy Clinic in Gordon Head Recreation Centre, Victoria, British Columbia

To whom it may concern:

I have enjoyed the rehab classes that Anna-Marie has directed and have been impressed by her knowledgable approach. Each class has exercised different muscle groups and she has kept the exercise level at an appropriate rate for this group of women. We attain a good workout without worry of injury in her classes – classes that change often enough keep our interest.

Anna-Marie is always pleasant and sympathetic and shows a great sense of humour. Throughout, she has shown a professional and mature attitude. All in all, an excellent instructor.


B. F.


– Shelbourne Physiotherapy Gordon Head Recreation Centre Clinic, Victoria, British Columbia

About a month ago I had an hour session with Anna-Marie to try and find some relief for a problem knee. She showed me several exercises and documented them so I could take them away. I’m pleased to report one or all of them has worked. About two weeks after the session my knee began to improve until now I feel it is no longer an issue. I had thought it was completely worn out and looking for replacement.
For the record, I think the exercise that has been most beneficial entails setting a loop of elastic behind my knee and pushing back against the tension. So simple but so effective!

I’m extremely grateful.

Thank you.




– D.F. Shelbourne Physiotherapy Gordon Head Recreation Centre Victoria British Columbia

The hydrotherapy program run by Chris Nelson is an excellent program. After attending for 3 months, twice a week I have gained strength in my legs and back and I’m now able to walk unaided. The exercises in the water I can now do on land.
Shelbourne Physiotherapy Gordon Head Recreation Centre Clinic

– S.H., Victoria, British Columbia

I have been working with Kira Graham from Shelbourne Physio at the Gordon Head Rec Centre for the past several months.

I have osteoarthritis in both hips, with surgery not in the immediate future when I started working with Kira. I started with an evaluation. Then Kira and I worked one on one in the weight room and the pool at Gordon Head Rec Centre. Next I joined a group class, which met twice a week in the pool.

I went from constant pain, to almost no pain on some days. I used to walk with a slow bent over shuffle; now I am walking taller -even the neighbours noticed the difference! I went from being slow going up several stairs and using a cane on outings, to going up many stairs with confidence and no cane.

I would like to say how pleased I with the high level of service and attention that I got from Kira Graham.  I found her very friendly and knowledgeable. She was able to instruct me in method, style, and reason for every exercise given. For improvement she would modify the exercises to make them more of a challenge. Kira always had a smile and encouraging word. That is not to say that she would let you get away anything, often yelling out “No Cheating !”.  I strongly endorse Kira’s teaching style.

I am very pleased with the results that we have accomplished.

It required a lot of work, but it has been well worth it.


September 6, 2013
Victoria, BC

I have been taking the Standing Balance Class with Jacqueline Sloan for awhile now & I just wanted to let the pilates studio know that it is helping my posture & long term physical ailments.  It is also helping in my day to day life as I try & change the way I move. Thank you so much for offering this class & Jackie is an amazing instructor who is very attuned to what we seem to need.

– D. B. Victoria, B.C.

I was a recent participant in your 8 week active physical rehabilitation program at Gordon Head Recreation Centre. I would like to commend your kinesiologist, Emily Nadon. I found Emily to be knowledgeable, professional, and, most important of all, able to divide her time effectively between the five participant clients. Please inform Emily of my appreciation. Christmas and new year best wishes to all of you.

December 2013
Victoria, B.C.



– J.B.

Hi there,

I  had 3 private Pilates Sessions with Sharon McAuley at the Shelbourne pilates studio.I just wanted to say ‘Thank you ‘to Sharon. She was an awesome instructor. It was so much fun to work out with her.


O.M., Victoria, B.C., April 2016

The Pilates Class with Danielle O’reilly this morning at 11AM was excellent. I am happy to be in this class. Best Wishes!

JL, Victoria, British Columbia


Shelbourne Physiotherapy, Pilates & Massage is a locally owned health company with 3 locations in beautiful Victoria & Saanich, British Columbia. Our clinics offer Physiotherapy, IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) & Dry Needling, Kinesiology, Exercise Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Rehabilitation, Vestibular, Dizziness & Balance Rehabilitation, Women’s health (peri-partum and incontinence), Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy, Scoliosis Treatment,  Clinical Osteofit Classes, Osteoporosis TreatmentAquatherapy, Pool Therapy, Real Time Ultrasound, Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Treatment, Electrical Modalities, Pelvic Floor Physio, Pelvic Pain Physiotherapy, Incontinence Treatment, Thoracic Ring Approach Physiotherapy TreatmentSports Physiotherapy, Chronic Pain Treatment,  Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), Aquatic Therapy, Yoga, Yogalates, Saanich PhysiotherapyPolestar Pilates, Stott Pilates, Clinical Pilates, Scoliosis Treatment and Custom Knee Bracing, Physiocanhelp.ca.

Our clinics are approved providers for WorksafeBC (WCB) Physiotherapy and ICBC Physiotherapy, Kinesiology & Rehabilitation. We are proud members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy(CAMPT), Sport Physiotherapy Canada, SportmedBC, British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK), Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), Vestibular Disorders Association, ISST International Schroth 3D Scoliosis TherapyInternational Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST), Think Local Victoria, Canadian Federation of Independent Business(CFIB),  the Orthopaedic Division of the CPA and the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia (PABC) We have a clinic located in the Gordon Head Recreation Centre in Saanich

Shelbourne Physiotherapy staff provide clinical instruction at our Victoria Clinic for students in the UBC Faculty of Medicine. We are an accredited facility for UBC Dept. of Physical Therapy Student Practicums.

Our 3 Victoria Physiotherapy clinics are modern and provide a relaxed healing atmosphere with private rooms available. Many Physiotherapy clinics in Victoria work out of a single room or a basement that does not offer the equipment, resources or space to help you recover properly. Our convenient locations make our clinics easy to access from all the neighbourhoods of Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt and Oak Bay such as Dockside Physiotherapy GreenFairfield, James Bay, Oaklands, Fernwood, Harris Green, Jubilee, Hillside QuadraGonzales, Rockland, Gordon Head, Cadboro Bay, Uplands, Downtown Victoria, Cordova Bay, Arbutus, Camosun College Lansdowne Campus and the Songhees. We offer appointment times ranging from 7:00AM to 7:00PM for your convenience.Our Multidisciplinary Health Clinic is located right across the street from the Hillside Shopping Centre. we share a building with the Shelbourne Medical Centre which has a walk in clinic and many great General Practitioners.

Think Local First Shelbourne PhysiotherapyWe are a friendly, local Victoria & Saanich owned and community based health company designed to meet your individual needs. Our mission is to provide Physiotherapy and related services to the communities of Victoria, Saanich, Oak Bay, Victoria West and Esquimalt and help keep these residents active and healthy. We strive to creatively and professionally maximize client functioning and promote life-long wellness.

Our experienced and dedicated Health Care Professionals include Victoria & Saanich Physiotherapists Penny Salmas, Jennifer Kolot, Mark Gottfried, Nicole Gill, Jenna Peters, Brad Curry, Andrew Mills, Meena Sran, Phil Lawrence, Jessica Shave, Kim Lobb, Kathy Murdoch, Laura Werner, Rosie Chamberlin, Ruan Le Roux, Nina Bai, Seung Bai, Eimear Brogan, Faralay Vander Schilden, Kira Crover,  Sarah HubbsMary-Anne LevsonAlex Thompson , Ignacio Parodi,  Victoria Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Miriam Haistein,  Hilary Beck, Ignacio Parodi and Blair Braz. Our experienced Victoria BC Kinesiologists include Kira CroverHeidi Nottelman, Larry Muir, Radek WiecheckiLindsey Tabish and Emma watt. Our experienced Victoria & Saanich BC Registered Massage Therapists include Taryn Krizan, Selena Curvelo, Jennifer KoebernickKathy Pantalon, T’airah Bowker RMTMolly Scott, Jessica Bundy RMT and Rebekah Neubert. Our Certified Victoria Pilates and Yoga Instructors include Danielle O’Reilly, Stephanie CadmanSharon McAuley, Sarah Hubbs, Laura Werner, Helen Mason,  Chris Csak, Alex ThompsonRegina Flueck

Thank you Shelbourne Studio for helping me deal with my scoliosis! I am so happy that I found you. I feel more confident in my abilities and stronger from the Pilates exercises. Every week I am seeing progress which gives me hope for the future since I do not want surgery or a bulky brace.


Victoria, B.C.

Victoria Pilates Studio